McNulty Covid Response Info



Covid restrictions removed. Normal operating conditions


Elevators upgraded to have vent fans with air purification via UV light

99.9% of residents are complying with mask requirement

Restrictions as follows:

Facial covering required in all indoor common areas

All deliveries limited to the lobby only

Maximum of 6 guests allowed per unit

Realtors are allowed to bring prospective clients into units as guests

Move-in/move-out allowed subject to coordination and approval with the Association Manager


New restrictions in effect. Please Read. McNulty Restrictions


Powerpoint presentation from COVID-19 Townhall Meeting. Sent in email to owners


Update On McNulty Lofts Precautions for COVID-19

Good afternoon McNulty Lofts Family,

Much has happened since my first letter on 24 March to all our Members and Residents.

Nationwide we are starting to see new infections and deaths levelling off, but not yet reducing enough to make us comfortable about relaxing any of our precautions at McNulty Lofts.

So far, our mitigation efforts have been successful. But this has come at the expense of inconvenience, disruption, and restrictions. It has not been easy. The Board acknowledges that some folks might not be totally happy with what we have imposed. Tougher still is the Board’s calculation that we need to not only sustain our precautions, but we also need to add further restrictions in line with the condo community in downtown St Pete. We have researched what precautions some other condos are taking and found that downtown condos (with one exception with private elevators) are not allowing non-essential guests.

Many states and communities are starting to require wearing of face masks outside the home. This might be part of the new normal for quite a while.

New Items:

1- The Board is increasing the restriction at McNulty Lofts to not allow non-essential visitors.

2- We request that all residents, owners, and their essential visitors wear a protective face mask in the Common Areas (e.g. hallways, lobbies, elevators, and parking garage).  This is to protect anybody you might encounter in the Common Areas and not be able to maintain 6-foot separation.

3- Our security guards will sanitize packages that are delivered to the lobby.

4- Residents who are self-isolating or self-quarantining are requested to notify the Property Manager, Crystal Mierow.  Your identity and unit number will remain confidential.  The Association will endeavor to provide assistance with deliveries, groceries, and any other needs.

Here is a summary of the existing temporary measures, which will be reviewed no later than 30 April:

  • All residents and owners are required to follow these measures. These are published and updated on our website –  We are using Florida State Law that applies while a state of emergency exists, allowing enforceable temporary restrictions in condos.
  • Visitors and Guests:  Each unit is restricted to have no more than two (2) essential guests in the building. Non-essential guests, visitors, cleaners, tradespeople, workmen, etc. are not allowed.
  • Realtors and Their Clients:  Showing of units and access for realtors and their clients is prohibited. If violations occur, realtor lock boxes will be removed.
  • Packages and Deliveries:  Packages can only be delivered to the designated lobby area. Packages are to be picked up promptly.
  • Exercise Room:  The Exercise Room is closed until further notice.
  • Gatherings:  Public gatherings and lobby room rentals are cancelled until further notice.
  • Moves and Deliveries:  All moves, and deliveries of furniture or appliances must be deferred until after the current crisis. Emergency moves and deliveries will be strictly controlled and must be coordinated and approved in advance by the Property Manager (Crystal Mierow) who will seek Board exception approval.  Unscheduled moves and deliveries will not be allowed.
  • Protecting Essential Services – Flushing:  To avoid drain clogs, do not flush any materials other than toilet paper.
  • Existing Rules:  All existing Rules will be strictly enforced.

These additional restrictions and the existing restrictions will remain in place for two weeks to 30 April. The Board will then again review the temporary measures. We may be able to then ease the restrictions, but there has to be a possibility that we will need to extend the restrictions.

You may ask “what is an essential visitor”? You will each need to decide that, and we need your help to make this work for the whole community. Our security guards in the lobby will continue monitoring activities from 8am to 8 pm daily and will ask visitors if their visit is essential. It will be easy to allow visitors for medical necessities, burst pipes, and electricity outages. At the other end of the spectrum, they will discourage social visitors, non-essential construction, and deliveries beyond the lobby. Cleaners and construction workers are usually not essential. If you have a special need please contact Crystal Mierow who will review your request with the Board.

This virus is tricky and determined to get into anywhere it can. For example, a handyman visiting Home Depot or Lowes will inevitably encounter others who are not doing social distancing. It would then be far too easy for that person to then innocently and inadvertently bring the virus into our residential floors. Please help us make this work.

Strict social distancing (i.e. 6-foot separation) is not possible in our elevators. Please be courteous to other residents who may wish to ride alone. Eliminating all non-essential visitors will help to keep the elevators emptier. We are cleaning the elevator buttons and common area door handles frequently and are asking essential visitors to wash their hands in the lobby bathroom. We are requiring all essential visiting workers to wear masks.

This is extremely inconvenient, and even disruptive for many of us. You may be angry about the impositions. But following these restrictions could save a life.

Longer term planning by the Board includes an eventual gradual transition to the “new normal”.  We are considering lessons-learned to help us if there is a resurgence in the near term or later in the year – such as having the elevators require use of your entry fob to enter the elevators at the lowest level (e.g. ground floor for the south elevator and P7 for the north elevator).

In closing, it is important to acknowledge the great efforts of so many of our community in helping us all get through this, including Nick Reale as head of our Life Safety Committee, Mary Lou Cunningham and her anonymous helper for making face masks, those who are getting groceries for others, and Kim DeLisle for the help with the lights to honor our City’s emergency and medical staff.  There are many more heroes – thank you all.

While self-isolating for medical needs, Crystal Mierow has kept the Association business running – while stopping by the office as needed when essential.  And, thanks to Glenn for his tireless help keeping our building clean and running.

Thank you for taking an active part in minimizing McNulty Lofts residents’ exposure to COVID-19.


McNulty Lofts Condo Association President, David Taylor



McNulty Lofts DTSP Lights Up for Hope

Residents in McNulty Lofts are hanging white lights in their windows to show support for essential workers. Press Release is HERE


  • Door security expanded to 8 AM to 8 PM 7 days a week.
  • Realtors prohibited from showing units.
  • Moves and deliveries are not allowed unless special exceptions are approved by the Board
  • Office Hours:  The onsite office is closed.  You may contact Crystal Mierow by phone or email during regular office hours (8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday), and at any time in an emergency.
    • Phone:  727-280-6892
  • Disinfectant spray is being provided at the door to wipe down packages prior to bringing them onto the residential floors.



As you read though the attached information sheet pertaining to the boards actions regarding COVID-19 best practices and protections there is one item that will stand out from the rest.

We are hiring a person to manage the lobby from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week to accomplish several goals to limit exposure inside the building. This is a trial run for the next 2 weeks and then reevaluated.

The following is what we would like to accomplish:

  • Eliminate delivery drivers from accessing the elevators, common areas and upper floors.
  • Limit visitors in the building to meet the new guidelines.
  • Keep the lobby and elevator clean and sanitized
  • Keep a log of visitors and delivery people to see what our regular traffic is in case we need to extend this  program.
  • The door person will contact the homeowner who has a delivery and ask them to come to the lobby and pick up the items delivered. If the person is self quarantined they will contact one of our volunteers to take the delivery to the homeowner.       

March 20, 2020 Life Safety Committee Pandemic Precautions Effective immediately, in an abundance of caution and preparing for the possibility that a resident might be tested positive for COVID-19, the Board, in conjunction with the Life Safety Committee is initiating the following requirements and recommendations. Under Florida State law and the current declared state of emergency the Board has the authority to require compliance to protect the condominium for its occupants.

Recommendations are as follows:

  • The Association will assist anybody for delivery of food to be dropped off outside of their door, and to gather mail, food delivery, packages. (Board requests volunteers to help with this)
  • Minimize moves and deliveries.
  • Please meet food delivery services in the street vestibule to minimize exposure.
  • Postpone non-essential projects where there will be an influx of contractors and workers inside the building
  • Refrain from petting dogs in common areas since the virus can live on fur for a period of time
  • Please share canisters of disinfectant wipes if you see them available as they have been hard to find Note: We have increased the sanitizing and cleaning done by Glenn in the common areas.

Requirements are as follows:

  • Each unit is restricted to have no more than two (2) guests in the building.
  • Existing Rules will be strictly enforced.
  • Packages can only be delivered to the designated lobby area. Packages are to be picked up promptly.
  • Requirement: Residents are REQUIRED to notify the Board/Management if they test positive or have flu symptoms, and to self-quarantine. Let us know if you want assistance. Privacy will be preserved.
  • The Exercise Room is closed until further notice
  • Public gatherings or room rentals are cancelled until further notice.
  • All moves and deliveries of furniture and appliances must be coordinated and approved by the Property Manager. Unscheduled moves and deliveries will not be allowed.
  • To avoid drain clogs, do not flush anything other than toilet paper. Additionally, to foster compliance with these protective measures we are initiating having a front door security person based in the lobby between the hours of 3pm and 8pm daily. This will be reviewed after two weeks to evaluate effectiveness. The doorperson will greet visitors and delivery persons, limiting or verifying guests with owners and residents.

This will be reviewed in 30 days or at such time as the State and/or Federal Government eases emergency recommendations.

Thank you for taking an active part in minimizing McNulty Lofts residents’ exposure to COVID-19. Sincerely, Crystal Mierow Property Manager on behalf of the McNulty Board of Directors cc: McNulty Lofts BOD and Life Safety Committee