Meet Joe Tobolowsky Our New Manager.New Years Eve Partywhat to do, what to do…12.08.17Launch Party a Success!

Joe Tobolowsky is McNulty Lofts newest on site manager, replacing Kevin Zern who took a new position closer to home but still with First Service. While Kevin will be missed, Joe jumped right in and took the reins.

Joe is a rare breed being born in the State of Florida, specifically Miami, which makes him a true Floridian!

He has been in the property management game for 5 years now, handling mostly condos and town homes in the Miami area. He was anxious to try out the west coast of Florida for a change of scenery and people.

Joe lives in St. Petersburg now and his interests are his fresh water aquarium and the tropical fish that inhabit the 125 gallon tank to a rabid sports fans rooting for his hometown Dolphins and the spring training home of the LA Dodgers. Of course he likes all sports and seems pretty knowledgeable.

He has been playing catch-up since he arrived and his main priority is to keep things running smoothly.

Stop in and say hi to Joe when you can catch him.

Come join your neighbors in the lobby!

Thanks to everyone that came to Website launch party! There were about 30 residents and plenty of food!

I looked up “smashing success” in the dictionary this morning, and indeed, there was a picture and description of the McNulty Lofts website launch party! Kevin Zern